Vantage Point creates Forensic Video Evidence containing Digital Fingerprint Metadata

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Product Overview

When you sign up for a free account on Vantage Point you receive a complete friendly fraud prevention system proven to defend against claims from customer using PayPal, WorldPay, Skrill, Sagepay and many other online payment providers

Our free service plan includes

MaxMind Geo IP
MaxMind are the industry leader in Geo IP Location and device fingerprinting technologies, the free plan with Vantage Point include access to MaxMind’s extensive database. Vantage Point is providing this service at no charge.

Device Fingerprint
Using a number of technical techniques we are able to extract device specific data and information about the users location to build a unique fingerprint similar to the one used by payment gateways.

Anonymous Proxy Detection
Some customer may be using a proxy server whilst placing the order, Vantage Point is able to detect using Anonymous Proxy Detection methods.

25,000 Order Recordings per month
Vantage Point only makes recordings of customer orders, 25,000 order recordings per month covers even very large scale ecommerce websites.

Unlimited Sharing
Sharing is easy and an important part of the system. Once you have the evidence sharing with the customer or the payment provider is what will help you win the case.

Unlimited Viewing
View and replay digital videos as many times as needed.

Free forever
The free plan is complete free and will remain free forever, No credit card is required. If you require more recordings or long term video storage then upgrade options are available in the dashboard.

Video Evidence

The ever increasing public awareness on how to defraud online shops combined with quick refund systems from payment providers is making it essential for online shops to have friendly fraud prevention system

Vantage Point video evidence uses the latest in digital device fingerprinting, Geo IP location and other metadata which is all saved and stored in a secure digital video recording. The video recording provides solid proof of customer intent and order.

Just like having CCTV cameras in retail stores stop shoplifting, Vantage Point is the smart CCTV camera for your ecommerce shop to stop internet shoplifting.
Video Evidence

Vantage Point records activity on all devices including
Clicks, Scrolls, Key Press, Taps and Digital Fingerprints.

All Devices
Clicks, Scrolls, Key Press, Taps ,Digital Fingerprints
View this Device’s Fingerprint
View this Device’s Fingerprint

Free Installation Service

For your convenience we are offer a free installation of the Vantage Point onto your website. Our installation service gives peace of mind that the service is running correctly.

If you wish to install yourself we can provide full API documentation. A web developer can typically install Vantage Point in about thirty minutes.
Free Installation Service


In order to link the website recordings to your customers account we have developed a secure API (Application Programming Interface). This API will talk to the Vantage Point servers tagging each of the recordings with the customer’s order number, consequently providing familiarity when searching for recordings on the Vantage Point control panel.

Easy Integration

If you have access to a web developer then you can ask them to add a few lines of code to your website and our lightweight software will do the rest. The lightweight software code will not affect the performance of your online shop in any way. Integration takes typically thirty minutes for most web designers. If you do not have access to a developer we can install the software for you.
Easy Integration

Customer email blacklist checker

Online retailers come together to help each other fight fraud, pointing the finger directly at fraudulent customers.

Using the power of crowdsourcing where everyone contributes and everyone benefits online shops can search the database of email addresses and read comments and notes made by others.

As you may be aware the humble email address has become very central in buying online payment gateways like PayPal, Moneybookers, 2Checkout, Skrill, Sagepay etc all use the customer email address as a key identifier. Should this email ever get blacklisted then the customer has to setup a new payment account with new details, authenticate credit cards , banks, living address all over again something which is not easy and very time consuming.

The Vantage Point Customer Blacklist is where online shops can share experiences on bad customers and voice concerns about a particular customer without having to state their name or their business. Adding customers email address who has committed fraud is quick and easy, sharing the email address will stop other online shops from suffering from potential fraud.The blacklist is automatically updated across all Vantage Point accounts, so everyone benefits from someone reporting a bad customer experience. A sharing is caring approach to fighting fraud.

100% Compatibility Tested
Our software works on all types of websites including online shops and secure pages such as Https:// are fully compatible.
The software has been fully tested with all desktop, tablet and mobile web browsers.
100% Compatibility Tested