Vantage point makes video recording at the time of order entry. Like a CCTV ...


FREE Friendly Fraud Protection Plugin for Wordpress and Woo Commerce.

MaxMind Geo IPMaxMind Geo IP
Device FingerprintDevice Fingerprint
Anonymous Proxy DetectionAnonymous Proxy Detection
25,000 Recordings per month25,000 Recordings per month
Unlimited SharingUnlimited Sharing
Unlimited ViewingUnlimited Viewing
Free foreverFree forever
VP Protected
WooCommerce Shop
Protect your online store with Vantage Point against friendly fraud and chargebacks

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Get setup and running in minutes with the vantage point friendly fraud protection plugin for Wordpress and Woo Commerce.
Follow these easy steps.

1. Download the zip file containing all the plugin files
2. Unzip and upload the files to the WP Plugin folder on your server
3. Login to the Wordpress Admin Panel
4. Click on Plugins
5. Activate the Vantage Point plugin

Once active you will need to follow two steps to complete the installation of vantage point on your server. To remove vantage point friendly fraud protection from your server simply login to the Wordpress admin panel and deactivate the plugin. Upon deactivation all your data will be automatically deleted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a Maxmind account?
No, the Maxmind Geoip service is provided to you by Vantage Point we are the subscriber and we pay the fees for all IP lookups and Geo Location checks. You do not need any subscription to Maxmind.

How easy is it to get Vantage point up and running on my site?
Installing the plugin will insert the recording snippet into your woocommerce website. This will take care of all the installation process and user tracking.

How are Visitors calculated in Vantage point?
Our software is smart enough to filter out the recordings and save only the ones that contain actual orders. We count this as one recording, so even if your website has a hundred visitors and four people place orders we only count four recordings.

How many videos can I share?
There are no limitations on sharing.

Can the video be modified after it has been created?
No, the video cannot be modified. It records the actual screens and mouse movement’s key presses etc. This cannot be altered in anyway.

How long to do you keep the video recordings for?
We keep the videos for 90 days, this is just in case a customer makes a chargeback claim weeks after the order.

I send an order confirmation after each sale. Do I still need video evidence?
Sending an order confirmation after the sale is normal practice the issue is that it happens after the sale and offers no real defence. Vantage Point video evidence recordings offer the power, comfort and peace of mind of having what legal professionals describe as:

“A true real time record of events, leading to and including the transaction between all parties”

What happens to the videos when I cancel my account?
The video’s will be marked for deletion which runs every 24 hours.

Changelog - Wordpress and Woo Commerce Plugin

Version 1.0.3
•     Added Customer email blacklist checking
•     Fixed issues regarding some CDN's (Content Delivery Networks)
•     Fixed Apple IOS 8.2 browser session capture

Version 1.0.2
•     Fixed a bug that caused sometimes recording issues
•     Fixed a bug that caused Invalid usernames or password errors

Version 1.0.1
•     Updated Speed for capturing mouse data
•     Added Vantage Point Site Seal feature
•     Added robots blocking counter measure to stop robots from being recorded
•     More Secure API for connecting to database

Version 1.0.0
•     First Release of Vantage Point for Woo Commerce running on Wordpress.

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